Wednesday, 4 February 2015


This morning I gave up on mitigating mess and had a win with time saving. Miss 2 did a perfectly adequate job of feeding the babies their breakfast while I got some other things done.

It is no coincidence my blogging hiatus has coincided with the boys starting solids. I know lots of parents get excited about giving babies proper food and want to do it really soon. I am not one of these people. I put it off until they were six months corrected, skipped purees, went straight to finger foods and still it feels like a full time job.

The only thing more frustrating than the time it takes to feed a baby is the mess they make. I seem to recall with Miss 2 thinking it was cute when she had yoghurt all over her face. With the boys I just see mess that I have to clean up - every day, usually four times a day. The meals just roll together. By the time clean up is done, it's time to start planning the next food explosion.

Yesterday I found myself having a conversation with my very intelligent and interesting friend about floor wipes. This has what it has come to - talking about floor cleaning solutions.  I have never been more interested in getting a dog.

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