Monday, 16 February 2015

Our giant effort. Part 1.

Ed and I have been excited about the Giants coming for months. We waited in anticipation for the journey routes to be released, studied the maps, cross-referenced to the babies sleep times, aligned to the train timetables. We had a plan, a good plan. Things did not go to plan.

Friday morning. We get on the train feeling extremely excited. Super stoked to learn that the big, man giant is having a sleep outside the train station. Bonus, we're going to get to see him. That wasn't even on the plan. All goes well and we find a pretty good spot near the corner of Barrack and Hay. This is going to be amazing. Cannot be more excited. We can hear the music, drums banging, or could that be giant footsteps? Very excited. 

Here she comes, here she comes, there she is, I can see her! Hang on? She's not walking? This isn't particularly impressive. What's going on? Now she's gone. She didn't even stop in the intersection where there were literally thousands of people waiting for her. Surely that's not it? What's going on? The crowd is sort of looking at each other with a mix of disappointment and confusion. 

We make our way back to the train station in a bit of a daze. What happened? Our plan was flawless. We stop to look at the big, sleeping man. 

Sitting on the train, we start to hear people talking. Turns our the little girl can't walk up hills so was being pushed on a trolley. That wasn't in any of the information I read. Why didn't it just say, "for the full effect, you are best to go to either the start or end point of the journey." I scroll through my facebook feed and see amazing pictures of the little girl in full action mode. I feel like I've failed my family. Not happy.

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