Wednesday, 11 February 2015

More about food

One great thing about food and babies is that they will pretty much eat anything...cucumber, corn, tomato, bread, leaves, dirty shoes. They are completely indiscriminate about what they put in their mouth.

Contrast this with a toddler. Miss 2 is a reasonably good eater but sometimes she just isn't and there is no rhyme nor reason. This week provides a perfect example. On Sunday, we had some butterfly lamb and corn-on-the-cob cooked on the barbecue. It was great. The boys were busy chewing on their corn while the rest of us chatted away happily. Miss 2 even asked for more meat. It was a very successful, happy meal. 

On Monday, Ed was out but the children and I basically had the same meal with the leftover lamb. Miss 2 refused to even put it in her mouth. It was exactly the same food. 

On Tuesday, I was out and yes they had leftovers again (it was a big piece of meat). Apparently she ate the lot. What was different about Monday's lamb? Absolutely nothing. 

I don't remember when Miss 2 switched from putting everything in her mouth to sometimes outright refusing to put something in her mouth. To be honest, whilst it's annoying I'm just pleased it doesn't involve additional cleaning up for me. 

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