Monday, 16 February 2015

Our giant effort. Part 2.

I am determined to enjoy the "incredible and phenomenal journey of the giants." We are not giving up. I study the maps again. New plan. Sunday morning, Langley Park. It's flat. Both giants are going to be there. I am sacrificing the babies' morning sleep. I'm sure this is going to be good. 

We get to the train station to find the lift is out of order. So is the up escalator. Come on! I carry/drag the children up the stairs, Ed and a kind stranger manage the roadtrain. That's ok. We can do this. I will not let Transperth rain on my parade. The train arrives. It is packed. We literally cannot get on. That's ok, there will be plenty of trains. We can do this. I am determined. 

We make it to Esplanade Station with approximately one million other people. As we make our way off the train, I immediately hear something about prams over the loudspeaker, something about folding them up to go the on the escalators. Ok, whatever, we're going to use the lift anyway. Oh no we're not, there is approximately 60 prams lined up outside the lift. There is only one lift. So we are going to use the escalators. Again, I pick up the boys and try to hold on to Miss 2's hand while Ed manages the equipment. It's awkward, I'm not comfortable. Miss 2 sees that the stairs are moving, she's starting to panic, I think she's going to bolt, now I'm starting to panic.

My look of fear must be clear. A lovely lady, aka my knight in shining high vis, swoops in and takes over Miss 2, escorting her with ease to the top of the escalator. She ushers us to the side while we wait for Ed. We pile everyone back on the roadtrain and emerge from the station feeling triumphant. We haven't seen a giant yet but I feel like we've achieved giant things. 

We get a pretty good spot, bump into some people we know, see both giants doing there thing. Catch the bus home. We did it.

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