Thursday, 7 August 2014

Perth > Ballarat > Melbourne > Perth

Two planes, one bus, one train, one tram, one taxi turning up extremely late. Turns out that is just about the perfect recipe to tip me over the edge of crazy. However, we did it and I'm really glad we did.  The wedding was one of the best I've been to.  I genuinely had a really fun time and I am so happy to have been there to see my friends skip down the aisle together.

One thing I learnt is that getting on aeroplanes and other forms of transport really does require one adult per child.  I originally recruited my sister to come with us so that she could babysit while we were at the actual wedding.  This of course was necessary but what I hadn't realised was that we would need her throughout the journey.  No matter how great a day Miss 2 is having, I can't really expect a toddler to carry her own bags and put her own seatbelt on. Well not when time is limited.  Thank you Claire!

The journey over actually went really well.  Both babies slept almost all of the way in the plane, pram hire lady met us at the baggage claim area and we were even running early so able to quickly jump on an earlier bus to avoid the expected hour and a half wait.  It was absolutely pelting with sideways rain as we ran from the terminal to the bus and I must admit that I did curse those who had decided to have a wedding in Ballarat in August.  Then I turned on my phone to find reports of snow which just made the situation somewhat laughable. 

The beatiful sun came out on the wedding day, I was able to walk between the wedding venue and our accommodation and the order of proceedings was casual so I just nipped back to help get everyone to bed.  It all came together super well on the day. Yay for us!

Now I need a holiday.

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