Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Just a great day

I had the best Saturday morning!  As soon as Miss 2 and Ed got back from swimming lessons we piled everyone and everything into the road train and walked up to our local farmers market. The sun was shining and the babies were smiling so we put down the rug and all sat down together just watching the world go by.  I even made a new friend - someone who it turns out had her baby in the neonatal unit at the same time as Master S and L.  We just got talking and in the end exchanged numbers.  I love being part of a community!

We bought some beautiful bread and some mussels, went home, cooked them up and sat down to a lovely lunch with some white wine.  It was like an eclipse into some kind of world where rest and relaxation exists.

It wasn't long before the babies woke up crying and it was back to reality, but that little snippet of time was just perfect.

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