Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The food shop

At the risk of alienating myself from what seems like every other parent in the world and jinxing my current situation, I'm going to say this - I quite like doing the food shopping with Miss 2.

I'm fortunate to live quite close so we tend to do lots of little shops. We walk up with the roadtrain; babies usually asleep in the capsules, Miss 2 on the board. As soon as we get there she jumps off and we have two activities which keep her very happy. The first is that she is in charge of the basket. Yes she is slow and sometimes she drops everything but if we're not in a hurry and its not too busy I just try to be patient and the worst thing that happens is we end up with a few bruised apples.

The second, my personal favourite, is when I read the list to her and she runs off to find the item.  "We need one red capsicum".  Run, run, run, "found it," she yells.  "Ok, now where's the milk?"  "In the fridge!" and off she runs.  I push the babies at my own pace picking up the rest of items as we go, she uses a bit of energy, makes a lot of people smile, a few people scowl (haters will be haters) and all in all it's quite a fun activity. 

I know I've only got one mobile child and it won't always be this easy but it is for now and that's all I'm worried about. Maybe in the future I'll be able to send all three off to get different things and be done in a third of the time. Maybe I'll take up online shopping. I don't know.

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