Thursday, 4 September 2014

Appointment free week

I was looking at my calendar this week trying to work out what I'd forgotten as there was way too much free time. It turns out this is the first week in 2014 where I do not have to attend any medical appointments. Seriously. I am not exagerrating.  First it was all about the pregnancy, then the hospital stay and then the various check-ups, vaccinations and general baby related matters.  

When I was pregnant, people were constantly telling me how important being on a schedule would be with twins and I was also told pretty clearly that the babies would likely arrive early. However, no one told me that premature babies require approximately one million follow-up appointments and therefore it would be impossible to stick to a routine.  So now that the appointments are slowing down let's hope there is improvement.

However, I'm not confident this is going to happen as rather than staying home and working on the sleep issues, I'm excited to actually have time to get out and do things.  The weather is fining up and I'm looking forward to spending time sitting around in parks.  Much like I did for J's first Summer.

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