Sunday, 28 September 2014


Following my post from a few weeks ago about Miss 2 being a champion shopper, I've been a bit concerned that she thinks everything comes from the shop. While we have great aspirations to be some kind of urban permaculture champions, the reality at the moment is we have a few herbs and a chilli plant growing in the backyard.  Everything else pretty much does come from the shop.

So yesterday I had a bit of a win. We visited my parents for the first time in eight months and while we were there Miss 2 proudly picked up two eggs from the chook pen. I know this is everyday practice for many children and it was for me growing up too, but for Miss 2 it is pretty novel.  She proudly carried one in each hand and when we got home straight away put on her apron, scrambled them up, watched me cook them and ate them all up. It's only one little thing but it has got to be a step in the right direction.

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