Saturday, 26 July 2014

Fear Of Missing Out

Anyone who grew up in Perth probably remembers going to Scitech for school excursions.  I remember heading into the city on a bus, the big dome on top of the building, escalators (quite exciting for a country girl) and that's before you even get to the exhibitions - things to climb, things to smell, things to touch. 

On Thursday when my sister reversed out of the driveway, taking Miss 2 to toddlerfest at Scitech, I suffered from FOMO.  It's of course not that I wanted to worry about parking and lining up with crowds of toddlers and their stressed parents.  I am hugely grateful to have missed that. What I wanted was to see my daughter having a super-fun time as she discovered new things. That moment when she realises that she presses a button and the lights come on or she jumps on a square and the music starts.  The sense of accomplishment that shows on her face when she realises she's achieved something is just delightful. That's what I wanted to see.

However, on this occasion I was at home rocking the babies and Miss 2 was out with aunty Claire.  I felt like such a mum as I put together all her things - change of clothes, wipes, waterbottle, healthy biscuits, piece of fruit.  I printed out their tickets, instructed Claire on how to do up the car seat and waved goodbye.  Not with a sense of worry at all, just a bit of sadness that I wasn't going with them.

A few hours later, though, when Miss 2 burst through the door with fits of excitement trying to tell me everything she had seen as much as a two and a bit year old can, everything was ok. "Moon! Bubbles! Balls! Car!"  I wasn't there at the time but I certainly still got to enjoy seeing how happy she was about it all.  Now when I see her playing with the toy she got on the way out (that's what aunties are for), I have the memory of her excitement when she got home.  It might not be the same as being there but it's still pretty good.  Plus I remember that she was exhausted and had the best afternoon nap she's had in ages.  A good day for all.


  1. She is still excited from Scitech :)

  2. Lovin this blog, nice work.

  3. I don't know what FOMO is but you're sweet to let Aunty Claire share Jennifer. I like to think Aunties will another support person as they get older - someone they can trust with things they don't want to talk about with their Mum.

    1. Trust you to pick up my grammar error! Fear of Missing Out. It's in the title. I totally agree with you. Aunties are the best and alternate adults are very important.