Friday, 14 August 2015

I remember when the smell of vomit made me want to vomit

It's been a rough few days. I'd made a doctor's appointment to discuss a suite of non-urgent issues regarding the boys. As mentioned previously, premature twins are not the most care free of babies so I was all set with my list of matters to raise and hoping for the doctor to eliminate some of my worries.

Unfortunately, Master L had another idea. He woke up pretty unhappy and progressively got worse until he was pretty distraught during the appointment. We left with a prescription and instructions to come back 24 hours later if I hadn't decided to take him to hospital. I then obviously spent the rest of the day and much of the evening stressing about whether or not I should take him to the hospital. We made it to the morning though and I was feeling pretty good about my decision to stay home.

Almost needless to say, as soon as I stopped worrying about Master L, Master S started to deteriorate. At least I already had a doctor's appointment.  I'd just called to see if they were running on time and was waiting the additional twenty minutes with S asleep in my arms when all of a sudden there was an almighty stream of vomit all over me and the sofa. 

Miss J approached with a look of some concern but mostly curiosity and in amongst the chaos I could see she was retching a bit. Rather than being concerned for her I have to admit I was a bit nostalgic. I used to be a bit of a sympathetic vomitor. I also used to think that carrying around snotty tissues was gross. Now I think I'm disorganised if I don't have a few tissues on the go at any one time. We use cloth nappies at home too and that means scraping poo into the toilet. Parenthood is not a glamorous gig.

A full costume change for me and for Master S and we were off to the doctor. We came back with another prescription plus the doctor's mobile number and home address.

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