Sunday, 5 April 2015

Who's afraid of the Easter Bunny?

Last Easter is a blur. The twins were in the neonatal unit. I was expressing milk around the clock and going to and from the hospital three times a day. If I was lucky I would hold one for a while. I think my family came over for breakfast. I can't really remember. I definitely wasn't at my best.

I have no recollection of even talking to J about Easter. I'm sure I would have but if I can't remember, it can't have been too exciting. This year, Easter is again a busy time for us. It falls on the same weekend as our wedding anniversary as well as S and L's first birthday. Despite this, I decided to make a bit of an effort for Miss J.

I got up early to make bunny footprints and hide some little eggs in the garden. I did not take into account that a seven foot tall bunny had visited her at day care this week rendering her absolutely terrified of the Easter Bunny. So unfortunately, rather than squeals of delight, when she saw the bunny footprints she screamed in terror, lept in to my arms and refused to be put down for quite some time. 

We consequently aborted the egg hunt and went on with our morning. Over breakfast, she talked constantly about the footprints. The excitement was there - just mixed with fear. We eventually convinced her that they were just little footprints, it must have been a different bunny to the one that came to day care and that it had definitely jumped over the fence and down the laneway so she didn't need to worry about it being outside still.

By the time breakfast was done, she was dead keen to get outside and find some eggs. It wasn't the initial reaction I was hoping for but we had fun in the end.

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